Here are some of my favorites from yesterday’s wedding. Donna and Adam were married at St Anthony’s church in Tahmoor with a quick stop in Picton for some photos on our way to Wollongong for more photos & a reception (to remember!) at Portofino’s.

That’s the last update, look out for the full gallery to be online sometime this weekend…


  1. dear donge and ads, congratulations on your special day.You make a beautiful couple,donge you look like an angel.god bless you both forever,love carmela

  2. You are a good looking bunch My favourite out of these photos is the one with Ads and Dons with the surf in the background…..Am feeling the love

    Love Always Yassy

  3. You two are so gorgeous, every photo is just perfect, what glamours! Absolutely stunning. Hope you are having an awesome time in Thailand and can’t wait to give you big hugs and kisses when you’re home Jo, Brennie Flynn xx

  4. Oh my goodness! We do scrub up alright! The photos look awesome as I knew they would. Thanks James and Steph! In Thialand so have to get back to the pool and order another cocktail.
    Love to all
    Mr and Mrs Rae

  5. Dearest Donge and Ads…. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all just look so stunning! I am soooo happy for you both. I have heard and it looks as though you had the most beautiful amazing night, photos are so gorgeous….enjoy thailand!!!

    Love Ezzy xxxx

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