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Type this web address into your browser:
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The rain (almost) held off for Vivian & Andrews wedding on Saturday. A fantastic ceremony in the spectacular St Mary’s Cathedral, followed by some quick photos in Hyde Park and down to the water overlooking the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Reception at The Dockside Darling Harbor for some of the best dancing I’ve seen! Everyone had a great time, and enjoy your honeymoon guys.


  1. So Amazing…the wedding was awesome and so are the photos. Cant wait to see more. Brenda

  2. OMG… Just beautiful… Was a great day.. Love you guys soo much and also cant wait to see more. Sarah xo

  3. You too look absolutely amazing. It was a great day. Cant wait to see more of you dancing Andrew.

    Love you heaps. God Bless.
    Merv xx

  4. WOW! What a day, what a wedding, what a beautiful couple! God Bless you both forever! Jules, xxx

  5. Re: I agree with Jono, put some more pics on.

    Guys, the entire gallery is online – see the text at the top of the post for instructions.

    (reception pics will be uploaded this evening)

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