Updated Website

Well the updated website is now 90% complete and online. There are just a couple of sections left to finish off, but the bulk of the site is done. Features of the new site: Over 600 images!! Random selection so the landing page should always look fresh Photos now in sections – Bride, Groom, Ceremony […]

Website Refresh

In all my spare time… I’ve been slowly working on a refresh of our main website. Keeping with the same simple layout, the new site will feature 100’s more images than before, & each of the images will also be a little larger and categorised under Bride, Groom, Ceremony etc. The backend will make it […]

Check Out This New Site

Check out this new website we have just finished putting the final touches on, click here. Territory Guided Fishing (as the name suggests) run Fishing Charter Tours out of Darwin in the NT. Along with the website we also designed the logo, business cards and stationary. www.NTfishing.com.au The Website Business Cards

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